Taking Action: Cracking down on illegal pot shops

Kevin Vuong, MP

Today, I was pleased to rise in the House to commend the Toronto Police Service and, specifically, Sgt. Jeff Zammit and the Major Crimes Unit of 14 Division.

Yesterday, they raided an illegal cannabis store operating right across the street from two elementary schools and a community centre in Spadina-Fort York.

Six adults were arrested for selling illegal cannabis and magic mushrooms. They were charged with:

1. Possession of a Schedule 3 substance for the purpose of trafficking;
2. Possession for purpose of selling; and
3. Possession of the proceeds of crime.

Mr. Speaker, imagine, right across the street from two elementary schools, an illegal store set up shop with kilos of dried cannabis; pre-rolled joints, oils, hash, including 48 kilos of edibles, and, believe it or not, psilocybin in chocolate bar form.

The raid sent a message to illegal cannabis stores sprouting up throughout Toronto:

You will be found out;
You will be closed-down, and
You will be arrested

Toronto Police news release on arrest and drug investigation: https://www.tps.ca/media-centre/news-releases/54578/