Work in the House

Member of:
Parliament for Spadina—Fort York, Ontario
CACN - Canada-China Legislative Association
CAEU - Canada-Europe Parliamentary Association
CAIL - Canada-Israel Interparliamentary Group
CAJP - Canada-Japan Inter-Parliamentary Group
CANA - Canadian NATO Parliamentary Association
CCOM - Canadian Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
CEUS - Canada-United States Inter-Parliamentary Group
CPAM - Canadian Section of ParlAmericas
RUUK - Canada-United Kingdom Inter-Parliamentary Association
SECO - Canadian Delegation to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly

44th Parliament - 1st Session

Fighting for the Government to Stop Taxing Taxes
- MP Vuong to PM Trudeau: Demanding relief for Canadians
- MP Vuong to PM Trudeau: Calling for rebate to help Canadians
- MP Vuong to Deputy PM Freeland: Urging for support for struggling Canadians
- MP Vuong to Liberals: Reiterating urgent call for relief for Canadians, and again for help
- MP Vuong to Liberals: Fifth call for government to help Canadians in need

Standing Up for the Economy & Jobs
- Education: MP Vuong advocates for education and helping parents and students by permanently eliminating interest on federal student loans
- Passports and Immigration: MP Vuong calls out government failures on passports, immigration
- Jobs: MP Vuong calls for national conference on future of arts and jobs

Strengthening Community Safety, Fighting Hate and Division
- Calling for a dedicated Special Representative to fight anti-Asian hate
- Holding government accountable on combating Islamophobia 
- Urging action on the opioid crisis destroying communities and families

Building a Safer Canada at Home and Abroad
- National Defence: MP Vuong advocates for investments in Canada's Arctic, submarine capabilities
- Feeding the World: MP Vuong calls for Canadian strategy to combat emerging global food crisis

Paying Tribute
- Commemorating Rare Disease Day and Canadians living with Scleroderma
- Canada Day: A country that rises above many others
- Honouring WW2 Veteran Fred Arsenault
- Celebrating community leader Carolyn Johnson