Standing up for Toronto

Kevin Vuong, MP

Budget 2023 threw Toronto under the bus.

Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie warns of significant cuts due to the federal government walking away from yet another election promise and ignoring our City’s requests for help. What’s also concerning is, in response to my question, the “former councillor” from the government didn’t know the difference between capital and operating expeditures.

The 2023 #CityofTO *Operating Budget* is facing a $933 million shortfall due to ongoing COVID-19, transit, and shelter costs.

What would the Liberals like Toronto to cut:

  • Which homeless shelters should be closed?
  • Which afterschool and daycare programs should be cancelled?
  • How many fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances should be mothballed?
  • Which TTC bus routes should be axed?

Here is my question to the federal government: