Honouring Canadian Heroes: Canadian Naval Tribute Project

Kevin Vuong, MP

I rose in the House of Commons to share with Canadians the Canadian Naval Tribute Project and the monument that honours 14 Canadian heroes who put service before self.

Heroes like LCdr Margaret Brooke who worked to save a nursing sister even though her own life was at risk.

Leaders like Quartermaster William Hall, the first Nova Scotian and Black recipient of the Victoria Cross.

And trail blazers like LCdr William King Lowd “Lo” Lore, who was thrice rejected by the Royal Canadian Navy until the Chief of Naval Staff’s personal intervention. A personal hero of mine, Lore is not only the first Chinese-Canadian officer, but the first naval officer of Chinese heritage to serve in any of the Royal Navies in the Commonwealth. I was honoured to have met Chris Lore, a descendent of LCdr Lore, at the unveiling.

Thanks to the leadership of Honorary Captain (Navy) Mark McQueen, Lieutenant (Navy) Sean Livingston, Lieutenant (Navy) Mark Phillips, and my former commanding officer, Commander Walter Moniz, our riding of Spadina-Fort York is now home to our nation’s largest flag pole, which proudly flies the biggest Naval Ensign in Canada!

I was proud to personally donate to this initiative and serve as a member of the Ship's Company at HMCS York where you can now find the monument.

I invite fellow parliamentarians and all Canadians to learn about the Canadian Naval Tribute Project and our nation’s proud naval history.