Giving Everyone an Opportunity to be Heard

As President of the Southcore Community Association, Kevin serves as the voice of over 2,500 Torontonians, fighting for the Southcore community's interests at Toronto City Hall and other levels of government where needed.

Whether it's giving the community a say in new developments, street-widenings, or other things, SCA is the voice of Southcore.

Building Local Solutions
to Big Problems

As Co-founder and Commissioner of the Public Accessory Commission (PAC), Kevin is at the forefront of animating public and private spaces with neighbourhood-designed and apprentice-made public accessories like benches and bike racks.

PAC's public accessories are designed and built by the community for the community. More info:

Supporting Our
Most Vulnerable

As Co-Chair of the Toronto Youth Equity Strategy (TYES), Kevin is building resiliency and supportive systems for our youth who are most vulnerable to serious crime and violence. 

A comprehensive strategy, TYES is reforming youth engagement practices, enhancing the Toronto's youth service delivery, and more.