Soaring gas and food costs: govt must help struggling Canadians

Kevin Vuong, MP

The price of gas has risen over 40% year over year, while the increase in food costs (almost 10%) have set a 41-year record. When you consider that the median age in Canada is 41.1 years, half of all Canadians are seeing the highest increase in food prices in their lifetime.

The soaring cost of gas and food is crushing Canadians. But while Canadians are struggling, the federal government is just raking it in.

How much? Well, annually, 65 billion litres of gasoline and diesel is sold in Canada. The GST revenue that the federal government collects from just these two fuels alone works out to about $6 billion a year. But when you consider that gas prices are up 40%...

The federal government now stands to pocket over $2.5 billion extra that they never budgeted for or earmarked.

Those billions of dollars belong to Canadians. The federal government has a duty to give this back to Canadians, especially at a time when many are struggling with the dramatic increase in the cost of living, worried about putting food on the table, and are wondering whether they can make next month's mortgage or rent payment.

Once again, I called on the government to provide relief to struggling Canadians: