Honouring Canada's word: saving refugees

Kevin Vuong, MP

During the Victoria Day long weekend, when the House of Commons was not in session, I visited Poland to meet with the Polish Red Cross, Afghan refugees, and other leaders involved in the humanitarian effort. I personally paid for this trip as I felt a moral imperative to help.

In Warsaw, I met with an Afghan refugee couple, he a journalist and she a teacher. I also spoke with a female former Supreme Court Justice. All are priority targets for the Taliban. But repeated efforts to obtain assistance from Canada’s Embassy in Poland, Global Affairs Canada, and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada have proven useless.

Canada made a commitment to help Afghan refugees and I call upon the government to honour our nation’s word:

Poland has welcomed over 3.6 million refugees. From the Polish Red Cross, I heard about the need for money and food. Chad has recently declared a national food emergency. Other African will soon follow.

To the government, I ask: what is the government’s plan to deal with this emerging food crisis? Will they increase production of Canadian wheat? Or, as with Afghanistan, will the government keep its head in the sand while people are facing death?