Canada has become a doormat for foreign interference

Kevin Vuong, MP

Both national and international media have widely covered the use of pseudo-Chinese diplomats operating in covert police stations to intimidate people of Chinese descent, including Chinese Canadians. We know of China interfering in our electoral process and we have Chinese spies infiltrating Canadian business.

Nor can we forget the wealth of evidence pointing to the Iranian regime tracking and intimidating Iranian Canadians.

There are many good Canadian citizens who left Iran and China to live in a free Canada - a Canada that values human rights and the rule of law.

But even as more media attention focuses on the porous defence and lackadaisical attitude the government has towards confronting foreign operators on our soil, the government remains reluctant to safeguard Iranian and Chinese Canadians from being intimidated. The government has abrogated its duty to protect our citizens and election process.

On February 17, 2022, the Chief Electoral Officer appeared before the Procedure and House Affairs Committee studying the 44th General Election. He stated that the Canada Elections Act enables Elections Canada to work with government security agencies to understand and mitigate foreign interference in our electoral processes and identify and address misinformation committed by domestic or foreign entities.

The Canada Elections Act also prohibits the use of foreign funds for partisan purposes including the propelling of like-minded puppetcandidates seeking party nominations and running in elections. Any suspected wrongdoing is then referred to the Commissioner of Canada Elections.

The government has refused to answer whether or not the Chief Electoral Officer at Elections Canada and the Commissioner of Canada Elections were fully consulted, along with CSIS and the RCMP, to determine if the 2021 Election was compromised by foreign interference.

It is clear that the government is content for Canada to put out permanent doormats for Iranian and Chinese governments to do whatever they want.